Icentia Launches CardioSTAT® Wire-free Cardiac Monitoring Wearable Device in Canada

Today announced the Canada-wide launch of the CardioSTAT® device, the first wearable, long-term ambulatory cardiac monitor available in Canada. At 20 grams and 5 mm, the device weighs as little as AA battery and is as thin as the average USB drive. Designed to be worn invisibly under clothing on the upper chest, patients can use this water-resistant cardiac recorder during daily activities including exercise and showers. As a result, superior patient compliance makes it easy for doctors to monitor patients for longer periods, thus increasing the detection rate of heart rhythm problems.

“CardioSTAT allows us to get heart rhythm recordings over several days. The device is well tolerated by patients, which can prove difficult to obtain with conventional equipment. With several day's worth of uninterrupted data, we are now able to make better diagnoses,” said Dr. Jean Champagne, cardiac electrophysiologist at the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute.

CardioSTAT was developed by Icentia in collaboration with cardiologists at the renowned Quebec Heart and Lung Institute, a leading Canadian academic medical centre. CardioSTAT is indicated for patients with suspected cardiac arrhythmias requiring continuous cardiac monitoring over several days.

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