Icentia Announces Health Canada License for its CardioSTAT®

Icentia announced that its CardioSTAT® has obtained a Class II Medical Device Licence from Heath Canada. Developed in cooperation with cardiologists at the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute (ICUPQ), CardioSTAT® is a unique electrocardiography monitoring device for patients with suspected cardiac arrhythmia. It enables healthcare institutions to manage higher volumes of ambulatory ECG tests, while providing their patients with a greatly improved experience.

Included in CardioSTAT® indications is atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common cardiac heart arrhythmia. AF increases the risk of potentially disabling or deadly ischaemic stroke. It is estimated that atrial fibrillation affects 1 to 2% of the Canadian population and those numbers are predicted to increase due to an ageing population. Of even greater concern, there is evidence that this condition is often unrecognized by both clinicians and patients and it is therefore significantly under-diagnosed. By facilitating the access to simpler and more efficient diagnostic tests, Icentia hopes to help physicians perform earlier and better diagnosis, consequently helping them provide optimal care and save lives.

With this first addition to its medical test platform, Icentia is extremely proud to finally be able to offer patients the benefits of years of hard work. While the deployment of CardioSTAT® takes place among hospitals across the country, Icentia will pursue its mission of helping healthcare institutions become more efficient with the development of additional medical test solutions.