Proven Cardiac Monitoring Technology Now Made Available to UK Cardiologists; Icentia Launches CardioSTAT Wire-Free Cardiac Monitor System at the Heart Rhythm Congress in Birmingham

Icentia Inc., the leading manufacturer of wearable cardiac monitors in Canada, today announced the UK launch of its CardioSTAT recorder during the Heart Rhythm Congress in Birmingham.

Since its introduction in 2015, CardioSTAT has become the tool of choice for hundreds of cardiologists across Canada for the detection of heart rhythm abnormalities. The CardioSTAT recorder, a flexible, lightweight device designed to be comfortably worn on the upper chest for up to 14 days, is now available to all physicians across the UK through Icentia Ltd, a Yorkshire-based subsidiary of the Canadian leader.

“Having completed tens of thousands of CardioSTAT tests in Canada, we are pleased to offer UK physicians the same high level of efficacy and patient compliance that Canadian physicians have experienced over the years.” says Pierre Paquet, CEO and founder of Icentia Inc. “The increased diagnostic yield of CardioSTAT has led to a significant improvement in clinical outcomes for Canadian patients.”

The CardioSTAT recorder is a thin, flexible strip designed to be invisibly worn under clothing on the upper chest. In a world of wearable devices, it distinguishes itself by providing a level of efficacy similar to the conventional equipment (e.g. Holter). Quick and easy to install, it avoids the inconvenience and discomfort caused by large-surface skin adhesive patches. The result is a highly efficient, yet comfortable and very discrete, wire-free cardiac monitor that can be worn for up to 14 days without restricting patients from showering or doing physical activity.