Icentia enrolls the first patient in its 300-patient, multicenter clinical study

Icentia is pleased to announce that the first patient was officially enrolled in its 2-year, 300-patient, multi-center clinical study to evaluate the CardioStat, a unique electrocardiography monitoring solution for patients with suspected cardiac arrhythmia.

This study is the result of a collaboration between Icentia and the Institut Universitaire de Cardiologie et de Pneumologie de Québec (IUCPQ) who have chosen to join their efforts in July of 2012 to test the CardioStat solution. The study follows a protocol formally approved by the IUCPQ ethics committee on June 2013 (approval #20898).

The Principal Investigator for this study is cardiologist Dr Isabelle Nault from the IUCPQ. Dr Nault also benefits from a collaboration with 6 cardiologists from the same institute. This study was made possible with the financial support of the Fondation de l'IUCPQ.